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The Summer Solstice 3 Day Detox Challenge!

The kickoff for Jui’asis, a Nutritional Café & Juicery is starting June 1st, 2024 with:


The Summer Solstice 3 Day Detox Challenge!


* Are you ready for Swimsuit Season?

* Would you like a slimmer waistline?

* Want to lose a quick 3 to 5 lbs?


Join me and countless others as we embark  on a rejuvenating 3 - day detox & cleanse to jump start your metabolism and get your body ready for 2024  summer adventures !


We will build your Summer Solstice 3 - Day Detox Challenge Kits for you, including everything you need for your success on this journey. Also, we provide support at every nautical mile! For those of you who want to extend your voyage to 5 days, 7days, or even the deluxe 14 days, I will personally be there every step of the way detoxing alongside you! I will catalog my transformation and encourage you to do the same!


2024 Summer Solstice 3 Day Detox Challenge Kit includes:


* Instruction booklet - detailed descriptions 

* Jui’asis Organic Electrolyte water

* Herb tea, black coffee

* Cleanse Capsules

* Cleanse Evening Tea


Price: $350 per 3 - day kit


Health is true wealth! 


Live, Let Live & Juice!


Bon Voyage!  


P. S. Remember to sign up for the Health & Wellness Spring Cleaning Clinic (A 10 Lesson Health & Wellness educational program) with a Free 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation. Just by purchasing the clinic you will to be automatically entered in to the Detox Kit Giveaway! One lucky person will win a Free 3 Day Detox Kit + 3 samples of my favorite delicious  Juices!


Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor before initiating any new detox or diet. Be advised that medications prescribed by your physician are to be evaluated and verified before said program. 

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