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Health & Wellness Spring Cleaning Clinic

Live, Let Live & Juice

  • 30 min
  • TBA

Service Description

Hello Gorgeous People! Special Announcement! Powered by Jui'asis, a Nutritional Cafe' and Juicery, we are hosting a Health and Wellness Spring Cleaning Clinic! But first, a few questions for you? Are you ready for Swimsuit Season? Would you like a slimmer waistline? Would you like to restore your skin's natural glow? Do you want to get the bounce & shine back into your hair? What about the sway back into your slay? We are on the lookout for the most fiercest human beings on the planet that want to improve their health and overall wellness. Busy kid parents, busy pet parents, busy caretakers, busy executives, busy students, anyone who has been so busy doing everything for everyone else, and consequently their own health and wellness has been put on the back burner. We want to help YOU! Join the Health & Wellness Spring Cleaning Clinic and get the tools you need to become the best version of yourself! Online Classes: a. Breaking Bad - the excuses we tell ourselves, hang-ups, objections, proactive health versus medication, bad self-speak b. Building Habits - Slow is smooth & smooth is fast, Consistency, 21-60 days c. Food & Feelings - How does a particular foods & food choices make you feel? d. Anatomy - Metabolism, Colon (Small/ Large), Ancillary Digestive Organs (gallbladder, pancreas, Liver) e. Building the Perfect Proportions for You- balanced meals, label reading/ interpretation, hydration f. Exercise - Daily Fun Movement (alone versus group) (AM vs. PM) g. Journaling - Keeping track with Watches, Phone Apps, Hard Copy (Congratulate yourself at every milestone) 1-on-1 Session: a. health status/ current state b. health goals c. customized plan (detox, nutrition, exercise, self-care) d. body scan (protein, fruit + veggies, hydration) Action Plan: 1. Join the Health & Wellness Spring Cleaning Clinic 2. Tell a Friend, who would benefit from this program 3. Keep your Health & Wellness a Priority Contact Us: JUI' Appointment Email: Customer Service Email: Text: 919-503-0823 Live, Let Live & Juice, Thank you! P.S. Bonus Gift! A raffle will be held for one lucky person for a customized 3-Day Detox Kit + 3 Bottles of Fresh Juice! (Value $350)

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Apex, NC, USA

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